Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage Gratitude Card....

Hi All;
Well today I didn't have to go in for the morning class...I got a box of new goodies and wanted to put to use the trinket Keys....I have Sage Kimbal to thank for the idea!  Layers and layers...that's what makes a card really pop....and this card has layers....
This card is going to our secretary at the school I work at....Dawn is always keeping everything flowing smoothly!  Thank you Dawn for all you do for everyone at the Babcock Building!


  1. Well isn't this just a beautiful card! Love those colors in your projects today! Dawn sure to keep that forever!

  2. Cute cards. I love the vintage look. Great job. I'm you're newest follower from the SC discussion. I'm #344 on the list. Thanks for sharing.
    Carrie Sampsel