Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wonderful Time at Stampin Up National Convention

I did have a great time in Salt Lake City, Utah.....I attended Stampin Up's Convention.  We even toured their home facility in Riverton, Utah this year. The classes were very informative. I am having a meeting with my down line next week to share some of what I learned....These are some classes I attended while there....
  • I AM MAKING MONEY Pam Morgan #Convention2012
  • I AM A LEADER Brian Pilling #Convention2012
  • I am a Baby Boomer Jason Dorsey #Convention2012
  • I AM EARNING AN INCENTIVE TRIP Karen Hauley, Jill Hilliard, Meg Holland, & Cynthia Millan #Convention2012"
  • I AM HAVING FUN! Shannon West & Brian Pilling #Convention2012
  • I AM INSPIRED Donna Griffith #Convention2012
  • I AM SAVVY Meg Wheeler, Dawn Griffin, & Laura Milligan #Convention2012
  • I AM DOING BUSINESS MY WAY - Bonnie Thurber, Ronda Wade, & Tami White #Convention2012
  • I AM DIGITAL Holly Linford #Convention2012

My two favorites were I Am A Leader and I Am Digital!
Next year will be Stampin Up's 25th Convention, I can't wait to see what will be in store for us then!
My Down line are already saying they are going to attend....How fun that will be !

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Day At The 2012 Convention

Hi Everyone;
This has been a long convention!  Some of the days have been longer due to extra classes taken!
My Digital Studio has been revamped.  Its release date is fast approaching on August 1st! WOW is all I can say on all the added software to this program.  I had a 2 1/2 hour class last night.  A very seasoned veteran of MDS sat next to me.  Her reactions to all the new features told me its going to be a really great tool to use.  For me, I need to find time to work with it so I can be comfortable teaching it! I myself would really love to make a hard covered book! That is one goal I am leaving convention with this year!
All four of my wonderful Down line are expressing a great interest in attending next year....Next year should be awesome...first if my Down line attend with me and second its going to be Stampin Up's 25th Convention....I am sure it will be thee place to be next July! I will post pics once I get them organized.  I brought my Ipad which was nice and light!
Have to get going to get ready for today!
I miss you all back in Vermont....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Card Swaps Ready For Convention!

Hi to all;
I apologize for such an absence in posting....absence....its more like I left the planet of blogging!
I have a very busy life....Dairy Farm, Job at local school, My Stampin Up Gig, 5 kids, sports for the, hockey, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, softball....the list goes on....

So onto the really good stuff....Stampin Up...!
I leave next Tuesday for Salt Lake City, UT    woooo hoooo   I am really getting excited now that my card swaps are complete....Thank you to Sue St. Pierre, Melody LeClair, Paula Banyea, and Deanna Smith for helping me.....oooooo lets not forget my eight yr old daughter Lora!  All I have left to complete are my 3-D's.... I have an idea so now its time to construct them!  That's the best part...playing with all the new holiday DSP, Stamps, Ribbon, and Embossing Folders.....
Here are my card swaps waiting to get packed into my carry on luggage....These precious babies do not ride below in the main luggage.....ooooo gosh if they ever got lost....we wont go there...
142 on the right and 116 on the left=258 wonderful ideas I will get in return!
5 days and counting until take off.....