Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have the craft mojo going again!

Yes, I've started a new mini album....I love using the backing cardboard they use in the desinger paper packs for my base on small mini albums. Its also a great way to recycle... I am making a mini album using the new designer paper called Autumn Spice...Its my new favorite! When do I never have a favorite...LOL I probably end up saying that about every designer paper that comes out from Stampin Up! Lets see..hmmmm I think this past Sunday my favorite was Blueberry Crisp! Oh well...I'm having a blast using these new papers, and I bought them to use, not just sit and collect dust.
My kids are still doing great on their second day of school. I had the middle child having a major melt down this evening...he was so over tired. He ended up getting it together and brought it under control. He had a friend over after school and maybe that contributed to his long day! Gotta love kids, they go from a high to a low in 2.2 seconds! I love them all dearly.
So tomorrow I will post pics of my new mini album I am working on. I am too tired to take pics tonight. Even Mom gets tired also!
Good Night everyone!

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