Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Day Before School Starts.....

Yes, today is that inevitable last day of Summer before going back to school!
My 3 children are cherishing this last day of Summer...they are playing outside riding their bikes, spending time with their ponies and calves...Even going for a swim in the pool as soon as I finish writting my blog! Those lazy days of Summer are comming to an end! Even the air is different the past few days...those cool evenings giving way to sunshine with just the right temperatures!
I won't go back to my classroom to work for another 2 weeks! I will cherish that alone time during the day to get alot of paper crafting done! That is my plan...sometimes the best laid planes do get put aside for other things that may pop up...and on a dairy farm that happens almost by the minute!
I am trying to post more pictures of some of the creations I made the past few days, but find they upload terribly slow! I am working on this...
To everyone heading back to school I hope you all have a very successful year!

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