Thursday, July 12, 2012

Card Swaps Ready For Convention!

Hi to all;
I apologize for such an absence in posting....absence....its more like I left the planet of blogging!
I have a very busy life....Dairy Farm, Job at local school, My Stampin Up Gig, 5 kids, sports for the, hockey, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, softball....the list goes on....

So onto the really good stuff....Stampin Up...!
I leave next Tuesday for Salt Lake City, UT    woooo hoooo   I am really getting excited now that my card swaps are complete....Thank you to Sue St. Pierre, Melody LeClair, Paula Banyea, and Deanna Smith for helping me.....oooooo lets not forget my eight yr old daughter Lora!  All I have left to complete are my 3-D's.... I have an idea so now its time to construct them!  That's the best part...playing with all the new holiday DSP, Stamps, Ribbon, and Embossing Folders.....
Here are my card swaps waiting to get packed into my carry on luggage....These precious babies do not ride below in the main luggage.....ooooo gosh if they ever got lost....we wont go there...
142 on the right and 116 on the left=258 wonderful ideas I will get in return!
5 days and counting until take off.....

1 comment:

  1. Nice work! 258 card swaps that's amazing! I only made 50 no stress there, but you know what? I only come home with 50 so your hard work will pay off! I can't wait to see Holiday Mini swaps! Getting real excited about my first Convention!