Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convention=Day 1

Hi All! Today was a wonderful day at convention...Michelle and I started off by getting our wonderful bag! Its always a surprise in seeing what they have designed for us Convention Attendees! This year its a wonderful  black bag...see photo below!
Then I went to Momento Mall! OMG my credit card is still smokin in my wallet...Thats how bad I was...I got alot of goodies! They had limits for the first day, so I want a few more of certain items tomorrow! Line...OMG I had to wait in line little over an hour just to get into the Mall! Took me about 40 min. to decide what I wanted...then another 20-25 the line to check out! My Sassy Scrappers will hopefully appreciate my effort! I did good girls! LOL...Not post those picks so I can surprise them!
Next we ate a wonderful deli lunch! Then I went and examined the boards with all the wonderful cards. Many wonderful 3"D's also... The gardening theme was in full force on the display floor..see pics! Loved the bicycle display!
Next we sat with a wonderfully funny lady that made pins with soda cans! I traded for two of her pins! We had a fabulous time joking and swaping together! See photo! Well I have to get to bed and rest up for tomorrow! Good Night from Utah!

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