Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stampin Up Convention Day 2! Woooo Hoooo!

Hi All; Still having a blast! More free stuff today and plenty of swaps...out of my 270 card swaps I may have 30 left tonight..will try to peddle those tomorrow! Here are plenty of pics....ALOT  of new stuff was revealed today! Cookie Stamps....meaning you can stamp on cookies and bake them...three stamps in the set...for holidays!I've included some close up pictures....Simply Scored....board for scoring! And a fabric cover we got to purchase today! Here are the pics...a few...I took 441 today alone!
Will post as many as I can...It takes time to download on here! May put some on tonight and tomorrow morning again!

Us getting our Holiday Mini's!

Gotta look at that Holiday Mini...Right off!

Just a little excited reaction for the product in the Mini! te he he

I got this fabric case for the Simply Scord!

Cookie la la



Snowflake Stamp for Cookies!

We will be selling these cookie celophane bags

look at all those lucious pink buttons!

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  1. Yeah! Lynette! Oh my gosgh! Aren't you glad you went this year! Oh my word how are they going to top this? I love the Grow theme! You got a whole Pack of Minis!! I can't wait to see it! I'll want it alllll!