Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Travel Day To Convention 2011

Hi, First travel day was filled with delays all over the U.S. as we traveled to Utah for Convention...Right off when we got onto the airplane in Burl.,VT we had to sit on the runway and not take off due to air traffic over the pilot made us a route into Canada...finally able to leave....Next in Detroit we had to sit on the plane when we got there due to the terminal being too busy to take us right off....ok we off to a good start here....then we fly to Las Vegas, but it didnt love me....couldnt win a stinkin thing at the Airport slot machines....We kept getting delays for departure...ended up with a 4 hour delay before we could leave Vegas....Finally board the plane heading to Salt Lake City! Woooo Hooooo our final destination...Wait for the hotel shuttle to get us to the hotel....I enter my room and find a huge gap around the door to my room...toilet doesnt flush.....ok....change to another next room...the tv wont work at all..and cant get onto the heck with this...we go out to dinner....Driver takes us to Chili's! Had a great dinner...By this time it is 8:30 pm and we need the shuttle ride back to the hotel....We are exhausted and just want to get some sleep...Our driver had another run that took a long therefore he didn't pick us up for over an hour....Michelle and I wait on this outside bench in front of Chili's...So finally at about 9:30 pm Utah time we get our shuttle man to pick us up...That bed at the hotel seemed heavenly and I did sleep well...I was wondering how it would be with the man next door to my room drinking beer in pounder cans out front of my room! I made it through the night and didnt hear a peep from anyone! Finally got the hotel to help me get onto the internet so I could post is another thing hopefully fixed today...but I wont be in my room very much today.....First day of excited...We are going right off to sign in and get our wonderful BAG....This is always a surprise as to what they will look like...Its a garden theme this year at Convention...Will post a pic later of the bag....Stampin Up Campus tour, wonderful trip to Momento Mall to see what goodies are offered for purchase...I have to find my Sassy Scrappers some goodies to take back to them! Here is a picture of me losing money at the airport....LOL Will keep you all posted tonight..
My second Swap Card I made...

See that big "L" on my forhead...loser....!

Michelle, my Upline gambling at Airport

Convention 2011 Tag with buttons from past Conventions


  1. Okay ... I'm pouting like a little child! I want to be there with you!!! Have a fabulous first day ... can't wait for more updates!

  2. Oh Lynette thanks for posting! I love all those collectible buttons! Great pics of you girls in Vegas!